Kenny & Ziggy’s


Kenny & Ziggy’s

If you have seen the trailer for Deli Man, you would have seen Kenny & Ziggy’s. It is one of Houston’s culinary treasures and has also been featured on Food Network. A traditional Deli is unlike anything else – we were able to eat at the famous Carnegie Deli in New York last year, and Kenny & Ziggy’s lived up to that experience.

The menu is giant which is indicative of the size of the plates. We each order a sandwich (I went for the classic Pastrami), but we could have easily shared as it was just bread and a huge pile of meat. The food is definitely made with love and it is an experience to remember.

The restaurant is fairly large and can accommodate big groups, but is busy at lunch time (and maybe all the time). They also serve homemade pickles to accompany your meal.