Harry’s Restaurant Cafe


Harry’s Restaurant Cafe

I found this on a Yelp search. We were planning to spend a day in the Museum District, so I looked in the Midtown area. Walking in, it was spacious. We did not have to wait for a table even though there were already a number of customers present. Overall, the service was very good and fast. It had a clean “diner” feel.

I ordered coffee which was tasty. For food, I ordered the Croissant Sandwich with ham and a bowl of fruit. The fruit mix was delicious with mango (which isn’t often used in a fruit bowl). The sandwich was also delicious – warm and the flavors combined nicely. Andrew ordered the pork chop country breakfast. I still don’t personally understand eating a steak for breakfast, but oh well. He said it was delicious but his favorite part was the biscuit. That’s high praise coming from an Alabama boy.

The menu was full of great sounding items. They are also open for lunch, but obviously excel at breakfast.

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Absolutely.