Samurai Noodle


Samurai Noodle

  • The Heights – 1801 Durham #2
  • Saturday evening
  • Plenty of parking
  • Entrees were around $8-$10 each

A small chain based out of Seattle decided to open a location in Houston – yay for us! I first tried real Ramen in New York last year, and we have been keeping an eye out for a local restaurant. A place opened up on Washington (Ninja Ramen) which was pretty good, but not very accessible with parking.

This place had several tables, plenty of parking, and a good location. The prices were reasonable.

My favorite part about Ramen is the flavor-infused boiled egg. Yumm-o. We also ordered freshly cooked dumplings. Personally, I prefer Ramen over Pho because I prefer the spices and other flavors. But both can be very refreshing depending on your mood! The flavor of the meat is delicious, and I especially love noodles and always have!

Overall, it was a win!



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