Asia Market Thai Lao Food


Asia Market Thai Lao Food

Firstly, my husband was not too impressed. I wanted to try a new place and found this on Yelp (we’ve pretty much exhausted every restaurant around us). It is actually a small Asian market with 3 rows of tables. Not exactly fine dining.

The service was pretty poor, but it was also Friday night, there weren’t many tables, they were short-staffed, AND people kept coming in. But the food was YUMMY! I ordered a curry with pineapple (one of my favorites). It was supposed to be mild, but was definitely not. It’s good to clean out the sinuses once in a while. I also ordered my favorite Thai tea and CANNOT GO WRONG. So sweet and creamy.

We also ordered the fish cakes – I didn’t know what to expect but they were great! And had a nice sauce to go with them.

Overall, for the price it was good. We have a few Thai restaurants nearby, but it may be my favorite food of those restaurants. Plus, we got to shop at the awesome market and buy Pocky!

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Yes, but probably have to convince my husband.



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