Heights General Store


Heights General Store

This place is awesome, and very Heights-y. It has recently opened where the old Harold’s Department Store was on 19th St and right next to the new Torchy’s Tacos. The ground floor is a little market with organic and natural foods (like a mini Whole Foods) and a deli counter/bakery. The 2nd floor is the restaurant which is open for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner and has a small bar. There is a parking lot shared by the market and Torchy’s so depending on the time, parking can be difficult although there is plenty of street parking in the area.

The place is fairly small but we didn’t have to wait long. It was already crowded being so new which means the word of mouth is strong. We started with an order of beignets. They were still warm and covered with powdered sugar with a side of locally sourced honey. Oh so good. I was thinking of ordering the French Toast but glad I did not because the beignets provided plenty of sweetness for the meal.

I ordered the egg-white fritatta. It was good but I probably wouldn’t order it again. I still don’t quite know the difference between a fritatta and an omelette 😉 Maybe because it didn’t have any yolk (or because it was a fritatta), but it wasn’t as fluffy as I would have liked. It was mixed with squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and cheese. A healthy option but, again, I will order a different dish next time.

Andrew ordered the fried chicken biscuit smothered with gravy. It came with one in an order – I will try that next time because of the portion size and it looked delicious. He ended up ordering the last biscuit in stock, so that was lucky! Overall, the store and restaurant is a cool concept and great area – I hope they do well.

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Yes, and to try different meals of the day.


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