EurAsia Fusion Sushi


EurAsia Fusion Sushi

  • Spring Branch – 1330 Wirt Rd
  • Saturday evening
  • Parking was sufficient
  • Special Rolls were around $10-$12 each

I found this on a Yelp search. We were at the Marque and wanted a nice dinner. They had a few deals on Yelp including a $10 for $20 and a free dessert. For Sushi, it was as good as any other place. We ordered 4 special rolls and there were plenty of flavors to choose from. They each had about 8-10 large pieces so we had more than we could eat. The crab puffs were tasty too.

The Dragon roll is always our favorite. I enjoyed the Pink Lady (with crab on the outside). The Sweet Sixteen was yummy. And the Sake Roll had an interesting flavor which we couldn’t quite name.

The restaurant was not too busy especially for a Saturday night. The service was polite and fast (a good place for a group dinner). Overall a pleasant experience and solid Japanese food.



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