D’Amico’s Italian Market

  • The Heights – 2802 White Oak
  • Friday evening
  • Parking was very limited
  • Entrees were about $18-$20 on average
  • http://damico-cafe.com/

This Italian restaurant was great. The food was very tasty, the server very friendly, and they had soul music playing in the background (so of course I was grooving all through the meal). For a Friday night, it was not very crowded especially considering it was difficult to find a parking spot. There are a number of restaurants in the area that all share the same few parking lots. The restaurant also has a market with fresh made pasta, gelato, and other Italian delicacies. There is a large patio area, but it was still 100 degrees so we opted to sit inside.

We arrived during happy hour prices so I had a refreshing $4 bellini to start.

First, I ate a house salad. The dressing was a creamy Italian dressing already mixed in with the greens vs. on the side and it was a little heavy on the garlic. Andrew had a caesar salad. Thankfully she asked if he wanted the capers on the side (I do not like capers at all and I don’t think he does either).

My main course was a veal parmesan with fettucine alfredo. I don’t normally order fettucine alfredo if given the option – it tastes delicious but the cream is not as healthy compared to eating a marinara sauce. This fettucine was delicious (probably because I haven’t eaten it in a while) but the sauce slightly thicker than I would prefer. The veal parmesan was breaded with a marinara sauce and then covered in melted cheese. I could see the grease more than I would like. Overall, it was tasty and a huge portion which I didn’t finish. Alfredo sauce never reheats well, so I skipped the doggie bag.

Andrew ordered the special Chicken Asiago. I may have ordered that for myself except the server warning it was a huge portion size: it came out on a platter. The chicken was breaded and stuffed with asiago and spinach. He said it was a little heavy on the sauce, making the breading a little soggy. It was paired with mixed veggies and seasoned potatoes.

As always, I was stuffed at the end of the meal but couldn’t skip the delicious-looking desserts. We ordered them to-go. I ordered my all-time favorite Tiramisu. It was a large portion (easily shareable), so I ate it in 2 batches that evening. Overall, a pretty good Tiramisu. There was a thick layer of the marscapone cream mixture but it wasn’t proportional to the lady fingers layer. It had a nice sprinkling of, I believe, shaved dark chocolate vs. cocoa. Andrew ordered the Italian cream cake which he devoured. He mentioned the icing was fondant (or fondant-like). That came in a more reasonable portion.

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Yes, but I will order a different dish.

UPDATE: 1 day after posting this blog, I read this article discussing D’Amico’s closing their Heights location. They still have a location in Rice Village and plan to open a new location in Katy.


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