Glass Wall


Glass Wall

We had wanted to visit Glass Wall for a while. It is one of the more upscale restaurants in The Heights. The atmosphere is very cool: the decor modern with an open feel. Our reservation was for 6:30 – by the time we were leaving it was very busy so I’d recommend making a reservation (which you can online – very handy).

The food was delicious. Each menu item had a suggested wine pairing which made it very easy to select. I started with the Glass Wall salad. Anything with goat cheese is fine by me. The greens were fresh and the vinaigrette very flavorful and not too heavy. I ordered the Veal Scallopini for my entree. The breading was very light and the veal was cooked wonderfully. The mashed potatoes were creamy and flavorful. The steamed spinach was ok (but in general, not my favorite presentation of spinach).

Andrew ordered the Morroccan Spiced Lollipop Lamb Chops for a starter. There were 3 lamb chops and rice on the plate. The lamb melted in your mouth. For his entree, he ordered the Hereford Beef Tenderloin. The meat was cooked perfectly and the sides complemented the beef.

Overall, the dishes were flavorful but not too large a portion. We didn’t save room for dessert but will have to next time we visit. The service was good – as you’d expect for a high end restaurant like this one.



Liberty Kitchen


Liberty Kitchen

We have attempted to eat at Liberty Kitchen on numerous occasions, all of these were probably Sunday brunch (one of which, Mother’s Day). When walking in, they usually say the wait is around 45 minutes or up to an hour. They claimed the same wait time this go around but we decided to try it. In actuality, we only waited 15-20 minutes so I’m not sure if they overstate the wait times or we got lucky.

The place was packed. It’s not very large to begin with but it has a cool vibe. We sat for a while and waited to order drinks. We waited for a while to receive our drinks. I ordered a lemonade which was not too sweet but not too tart. Andrew an iced tea. When bringing refills, we also waited a while for those.

We then waited a while to order and receive our food. I ordered the Tuna Salad melt. It comes on an english muffin so I thought it would be the circumference of an english muffin. It was about double that. And there were 2. And yummy fries. It was very tasty, but way too much food. Tuna salad isn’t really a take-home-and-reheat kind of food either, so my meal was a bit wasted. Andrew ordered fried chicken sliders with gravy which he said were absolutely delicious. If we go back, I’m sure we would go back just for him to order those sliders again.

When we asked for our check, we waited a while for that too.

Overall, the food was good but it was slow service. If you are going to try, Sunday brunch is probably the worst time. Or maybe that’s why they push the mimosas (so you don’t notice you are waiting).

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Most likely not.

EurAsia Fusion Sushi


EurAsia Fusion Sushi

  • Spring Branch – 1330 Wirt Rd
  • Saturday evening
  • Parking was sufficient
  • Special Rolls were around $10-$12 each

I found this on a Yelp search. We were at the Marque and wanted a nice dinner. They had a few deals on Yelp including a $10 for $20 and a free dessert. For Sushi, it was as good as any other place. We ordered 4 special rolls and there were plenty of flavors to choose from. They each had about 8-10 large pieces so we had more than we could eat. The crab puffs were tasty too.

The Dragon roll is always our favorite. I enjoyed the Pink Lady (with crab on the outside). The Sweet Sixteen was yummy. And the Sake Roll had an interesting flavor which we couldn’t quite name.

The restaurant was not too busy especially for a Saturday night. The service was polite and fast (a good place for a group dinner). Overall a pleasant experience and solid Japanese food.


Houston Museum of Natural Science


The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Prices vary, but many local companies provide a corporate discount.

I visited the HMNS a number of times since moving to Houston but this was my first visit since they completed renovations in 2012. The expansion is excellent. The dinosaur hall was one of the best I have seen and a definite improvement from the previous iteration. The multimedia and displays were of a very high quality. The way the flow was designed allowed the children to marvel at the dinosaur skeletons while the adults could learn as well as marvel.

I could have spent hours in the Egypt display and I am very glad that it is now a permanent exhibit. Each artifact has a lengthy description (my favorite part of going to museums = knowledge) and the exhibits were fascinating. There were numerous mummies and coffins (is that the word they used?) which is usually the main attraction for anything Egypt-related. Even the walls and lighting throughout the section gave you the sense of returning to ancient Egypt.

We also visited the Faberge exhibit (a temporary display). I had visited the Faberge exhibit a couple of years ago. The current version is much smaller and has fewer of the famed Easter eggs. But the artistry of the seemingly mundane objects is still amazing if you have never seen Faberge items up close.

The 2nd floor wildlife and gemstone exhibits are still as they were before the renovations so we didn’t spend much time there. They have an American Indian exhibit and we were debating whether that is new or not. Quite interesting to see the artifacts and traditions from the Aztecs, Mayans, Inuits, and other “Native American” cultures. There were a number of open areas that could house temporary exhibits, so I am excited to see what else is in store.

We did not see the Butterfly Center this time, but I’d highly recommend that if you have never visited.

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Absolutely.

Harry’s Restaurant Cafe


Harry’s Restaurant Cafe

I found this on a Yelp search. We were planning to spend a day in the Museum District, so I looked in the Midtown area. Walking in, it was spacious. We did not have to wait for a table even though there were already a number of customers present. Overall, the service was very good and fast. It had a clean “diner” feel.

I ordered coffee which was tasty. For food, I ordered the Croissant Sandwich with ham and a bowl of fruit. The fruit mix was delicious with mango (which isn’t often used in a fruit bowl). The sandwich was also delicious – warm and the flavors combined nicely. Andrew ordered the pork chop country breakfast. I still don’t personally understand eating a steak for breakfast, but oh well. He said it was delicious but his favorite part was the biscuit. That’s high praise coming from an Alabama boy.

The menu was full of great sounding items. They are also open for lunch, but obviously excel at breakfast.

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Absolutely.



D’Amico’s Italian Market

  • The Heights – 2802 White Oak
  • Friday evening
  • Parking was very limited
  • Entrees were about $18-$20 on average

This Italian restaurant was great. The food was very tasty, the server very friendly, and they had soul music playing in the background (so of course I was grooving all through the meal). For a Friday night, it was not very crowded especially considering it was difficult to find a parking spot. There are a number of restaurants in the area that all share the same few parking lots. The restaurant also has a market with fresh made pasta, gelato, and other Italian delicacies. There is a large patio area, but it was still 100 degrees so we opted to sit inside.

We arrived during happy hour prices so I had a refreshing $4 bellini to start.

First, I ate a house salad. The dressing was a creamy Italian dressing already mixed in with the greens vs. on the side and it was a little heavy on the garlic. Andrew had a caesar salad. Thankfully she asked if he wanted the capers on the side (I do not like capers at all and I don’t think he does either).

My main course was a veal parmesan with fettucine alfredo. I don’t normally order fettucine alfredo if given the option – it tastes delicious but the cream is not as healthy compared to eating a marinara sauce. This fettucine was delicious (probably because I haven’t eaten it in a while) but the sauce slightly thicker than I would prefer. The veal parmesan was breaded with a marinara sauce and then covered in melted cheese. I could see the grease more than I would like. Overall, it was tasty and a huge portion which I didn’t finish. Alfredo sauce never reheats well, so I skipped the doggie bag.

Andrew ordered the special Chicken Asiago. I may have ordered that for myself except the server warning it was a huge portion size: it came out on a platter. The chicken was breaded and stuffed with asiago and spinach. He said it was a little heavy on the sauce, making the breading a little soggy. It was paired with mixed veggies and seasoned potatoes.

As always, I was stuffed at the end of the meal but couldn’t skip the delicious-looking desserts. We ordered them to-go. I ordered my all-time favorite Tiramisu. It was a large portion (easily shareable), so I ate it in 2 batches that evening. Overall, a pretty good Tiramisu. There was a thick layer of the marscapone cream mixture but it wasn’t proportional to the lady fingers layer. It had a nice sprinkling of, I believe, shaved dark chocolate vs. cocoa. Andrew ordered the Italian cream cake which he devoured. He mentioned the icing was fondant (or fondant-like). That came in a more reasonable portion.

WOULD YOU GO BACK? Yes, but I will order a different dish.

UPDATE: 1 day after posting this blog, I read this article discussing D’Amico’s closing their Heights location. They still have a location in Rice Village and plan to open a new location in Katy.